Who is Donna Lerner?

The MyRealtorDonna team started with, you guessed it, Donna Lerner! Having been in the business for almost a decade, she is always on top of current pricing trends, monitoring local inventory, creating innovative marketing, and most importantly, doing right by her clients. They really appreciate her extensive knowledge of neighborhoods as well as being a hand-holder extraordinaire! Donna works hard to stay in constant contact with her clients, and that doesn't end after closing. Working with Donna means you're part of the family.

Helping her along with all this are her two sidekicks, Rebecca Lerner - Operations Manager - and Lauren Mesagno - Listing Coordinator. Together, they handle just about every task that goes along with buying or selling a home, from filing paperwork to selecting paint colors. They know first hand the worries that come with homeownership and are always eager to help.

Outside of real estate, the team are experts in enjoying a good meal, drinking green tea, and playing with their dogs. Donna's German Shepherd, Theodore, might just be a pup, but he is already in schutzhund training and a welcomed new member of the team!